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The importance of safe dredger pick points: Prevent accidents at work

The importance of safe dredger pick points: Prevent accidents at work

The world of dredging operations is all about efficiency and productivity. An important aspect that is often overlooked, but has a significant impact on the safety of dredging operations, are the dredger pick points. In other words, the places where dredged material is picked up and transported. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the importance of safe dredger pick points and how they can help prevent on-the-job accidents.


The risks in the dredging industry

Dredging operations are among some of the most challenging and risky industrial activities. These risks can include:


Machinery risks:

Working with heavy dredging machinery, such as dredgers and suction dredgers, can lead to serious accidents if equipment is not operated correctly or if there are problems with pick points.


Fall hazards:

Dredging personnel regularly have to work at great heights, such as on dredging pontoons and platforms. Fall hazards are not a surprising risk if the pick points are unsafe.


Transportation risks:

Moving large amounts of material with dredging equipment can be dangerous if the pick points are not properly positioned or if the material is unstable.


Safe Dredger Pick Points

Safe dredger pick points are essential to minimize these risks. Here are some aspects of safe pick points:



The location of pick points should be carefully chosen to ensure the stability of the dredging material and avoid fall hazards. They should also be strategically placed to allow efficient loading and transportation.


Material and Construction:

Pick points should be made of durable materials that are resistant to wear and corrosion. This is because they often come in contact with water and heavy materials.


Regular Inspection:

It is vital to conduct regular inspections to ensure that the pick points are in good condition. Therefore, any signs of wear, damage, or corrosion should also be addressed immediately.


Training and awareness:

Dredging personnel are trained on how to use pick points safely and be aware of the risks. They should know how to recognize safe pick points and avoid unsafe situations.


Prevention is better than cure

The importance of safe dredger pick points cannot be overemphasized in the dredging industry. Preventing accidents on the job is always better than dealing with the consequences. By ensuring that pick points are safe and adhering to strict safety protocols, dredging companies can create a safer work environment and minimize risks.



Safe dredger pick points are essential to safety in the dredging industry. By paying attention to the location, construction, inspection, and training related to pick points, dredging operations can become safer and more effective. Preventing on-the-job accidents and ensuring the health and safety of dredging personnel should always be a top priority in this demanding industry.