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Shedding Light On The Best Lantern Of 2023

No outdoor adventurer can go without a reliable and durable lantern to light up their path. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just exploring the great outdoors, having a trusty lantern can make all the difference. With so many lantern options on the market today, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for your needs. Fear not, as we have researched and compiled a list of the best lantern of 2023. So, read on to find out which lanterns top our list and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Goal Zero Lighthouse 400

The Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 is a versatile and robust lantern that will undoubtedly brighten up your outdoor experience. It can be charged by solar power or USB, making it an excellent choice for sustainable and eco-friendly adventurers. The lantern features a red light mode for better night vision and an adjustable brightness setting that allows you to customize your lighting needs, from 400 lumens to 1 lumen. Additionally, it comes with a built-in USB port that can charge your phone and provide up to 48 hours of light on a single charge.

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

If you’re looking for a lantern that can light up your campsite or tent, the Black Diamond Apollo Lantern should be on your radar. Its 250-lumen output provides sufficient brightness to illuminate larger areas, and the frosted globe disperses light evenly. What’s more, the lantern features a dimming switch that lets you adjust the lighting level to your preference. It also has a collapsible design for compact storage and a handy carabiner for easy hanging and carrying.

BioLite BaseLantern XL

If you’re after a lantern that’s not only functional but also visually appealing, the BioLite BaseLantern XL is worth considering. This hub-style lantern boasts a maximum output of 500 lumens and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. One of the most impressive features of this lantern is its ability to serve as a charging station for your devices. It has a built-in 7800mAh battery that can charge your phone, tablet, or other USB devices while providing light. Moreover, the lantern can be controlled via Bluetooth using the BioLite app, which allows you to change the color, dim the lights, and set a timer.

LuminAID PackLite Nova

The LuminAID PackLite Nova is an inflatable solar-powered lantern that is perfect for backpackers and hikers. The lantern charges via solar power, making it a great eco-friendly option. It weighs only 4 ounces and packs flat like a pancake, making it easy to attach to your backpack or other gear. Once inflated, it provides up to 75 lumens of light and can last up to 24 hours on a single charge. Additionally, it has four brightness settings and a red blinking mode that can be used for emergencies.

Coleman Multi-Panel LED Lantern

The Coleman Multi-Panel LED Lantern is perfect for group camping trips or larger spaces, as it can provide up to 800 lumens of light. It features panels that can be separated and used individually or hooked together to form a single lantern. Each panel has its own on/off button and provides up to 200 lumens of light. The lantern is also weather-resistant and has a runtime of up to 20 hours on high mode. Moreover, it features a USB port that can charge your devices while the lantern is on.

So, there you have it – our top picks for the best lantern of 2023. From solar-powered, inflatable lanterns to robust and reliable hub-style lanterns, these lanterns are sure to light up your next outdoor adventure. Ultimately, the choice of which lantern to choose will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Consider factors such as brightness level, battery life, and charging options when making your decision. In any case, any of these lanterns would be an excellent addition to your outdoor gear collection. Happy adventuring!