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Garderen in 1968: the Veluwe holiday paradise where Batman and Swiebertje walk around

Garderen is a village in 1968 where tourism seems to be gaining momentum. Hotels, camping sites and holiday resorts receive groups of guests, some of whom wear a jacket and tie as casual wear. Tourists no longer behave so neatly, as witnessed by the electric scooters and E-choppers wandering through the village. At the end of the sixties, the youth still focused on TV characters and superheroes. We see Batman and the national cuddle bum Swiebertje pass by.


The middle class benefits from tourism, the greengrocer supplies the guests of the Talma Hoeve and you can go to the bookstore for water rings and beach balls.Buy e liquids at mr-joy.comfor the best quality. And at the fabric shop of the Schuiteman family, bath towels with a beautiful image of the Garderse village church are for sale. The village of Veluwe receives a visit from the camera crew of the village film makers in this fourteenth episode of Ons Dorp 2022.

Tourism was still very easy then

De Talma Hoeve is a trade union holiday resort where CNV members can have a good time (now a luxury holiday park). The older ladies and gentlemen look like they are going to a party.

That these are ordinary, hard-working men and women can in any case be seen from the modest cars that are parked in the parking lot. The flag of the Christian National Trade Union Confederation flies and the hand-painted sign that reads ‘Knuffel-allee’ suggests that the tourists are having a good time. The holiday homes they stay in are very cozy but also very small.

The cozy holiday home Pheasant at the Talma Hoeve

Another place to stay in Garder is the well-known hotel-restaurant Het Speulderbosch. Now part of a large hotel chain, but in 1968 still run by the Bloemsma family. On the facade all signs as proof of approval by, among others, ANWB, KNAC, and Dinersclub.

Here again the older guests are filmed sipping their cups of tea. At restaurant De Houtsnip, many younger tourists are having a drink and you can also play a ball on the miniature or mini golf course. And I still say: ‘DO NOT walk on the runways!’.

Sausages and clubs for little!

The inhabitants themselves are often busy in their gardens, which may indicate that it is Saturday. During weekdays, the men are mainly active in construction, at nearby barracks, with contractors or at Radio Kootwijk.

It’s a cool, summery Saturday, by the way. Everyone on the road wears a jacket or even a warm sweater. On the Kruipad we come across, how could it be otherwise, a man with a wheelbarrow and a Gardereen who powder a dung cart. At the grocery store, the cigarettes are displayed on the windowsill and there is advertising for frankfurters in glass (8 for 89 cents), (candy) clubs (20 for 89 cents) and peanuts in the window.

Jukeboxes, chopped balls and shooting in the pub

Café Stam on the edge of the village now has a different name. Of course the film crew records the tapping of a beer and through a price sign on the wall we know that the homemade ball of mincemeat costs 65 cents and a pork chop costs 2 guilders.

Also standard in the pub of that time is of course the jukebox. It is also located at competitor cafe De Bonte Koe, where shooting club De Treffers holds a competition. Especially for the camera crew, and the cardboard targets are on the edge of the stage where music and drama associations also give their performances. We don’t know whether that yields direct hits in all cases or is exactly right on the mark, but no shot is always … !

And there are Batman and Swiebertje!

During a visit to the Prince Bernhard School we come across the superhero and the nationally beloved drifter. The school children have dressed up as a princess, Indian, cowboy, and above all clown. But the most striking types are Swiebertje the t-wanderer and Batman in an outfit that would now fetch a nice amount from collectors. We see these characters again in the closing parade, in which farmers’ chapel Tot Ons Geluk, the singing association, the toddlers and the Veluwse Boys football club also participate.