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Why You Should Hire Photo Booths in Sydney


Photo booths aren’t just for corporate affairs anymore; they can also be a great way to hire high quality pictures at any sort of function, be it a business picnic or family gathering. With a photo booth at your event, you will provide some unique opportunities for those in the crowd to be photographed. The best part is that there’s no need for fancy lighting or long exposure times; the photos can be taken with a regular camera and printed out immediately. Consider these five Sydney photography locations to hire from if you’re heading out to the city for a photo booth event.


If you’re looking to hire photo booths Sydney style for any occasion, you have to stop by the Sydney Starlight for a while. There’s always something happening there, so you’re guaranteed to find something that will make your guests feel special. Their most popular photo booths feature scenic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and other sites along the water. As well as providing better quality pictures, the guests get to relax and be photographed at the same time. You might want to consider this location for a party of all ages.


This isn’t your daddy’s photo booths; with modern technology and some creativity, your guests will have a blast at this fun way to hire photo booths Sydney style. Located right in the Heart of Sydney, the Photo Bar offers guests an all day opportunity to be photographed by professional photographers and get some good memories of their own. Of course, the best part of the program is the chance to meet other famous people and enjoy some free drinks and appetizers before leaving. Be sure to visit the Photo Bar before heading out to the party.


If you’re looking to hire a photo booth rental in Sydney, this is one of the places to consider. If you want something unique and different, you won’t find anything like this place. At the Horseshoe Point Wharf, you’ll discover a great waterfront restaurant with a stunning view of the Harbour Bridge. Your hired photographer can capture images while they eat dinner, and you and your guest will never be able to escape the awesome views and wonderful food. There’s truly something for every taste.


In the western Sydney area, at Darlinghurst, you’ll find the Horseshoe Point Railway Station and the iconic Darlinghurst Park. You can hire photo booths Sydney style right at the station or even take photos from farther away using your camera-equipped mobile phone! The Horseshoe Point Railway station is one of the most beautiful stations in all of Australia, and it makes an awesome backdrop to any photo shoot. In addition to the station, there are also other sites to photograph at Darlinghurst including the Botanic Gardens, York Place and the Royal Botanic Gardens.


Another popular area to hire photo booth Sydney style is in the Opera House or the Darling Harbour. With its impressive backdrop and gorgeous views, this location provides both better quality and more options than most others. It also provides a much more personal touch to your event, allowing you to capture your guests in a way that’s more personal than something captured at a studio.


Of course, many people look to hire photo booths in Sydney’s Central Business District to celebrate events of importance or for business-related reasons. The Central Business District has a number of buildings and structures to create the kind of professional look you need. For example, the iconic Exchange building is perfect for hire, allowing you to capture images of clients meeting or presenting at the venue. Other options include turning an historic train station into a canvas, complete with a digital photo wall for your event. With so many venues to choose from, it’s easy to find a hire photo booth Sydney that’s suitable for your needs.


The next time you’re planning an event, consider hiring photo booths to get your guests in the right mood. The best part about these booths is that they allow you to capture the moment rather than worrying about how the photo might look afterwards. Whether you hire from a professional company or create your own, there are many ways to improve your image and take photos that will impress both clients and your guests.

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