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A guide on how to easily increase the milk production in dairy cows

If you are looking for a product to increase the milk production in your dairy cows, then you may find your solution at Kimtec International. These professionals have developed different kinds of supplements to increase the milk production in dairy cows without affecting their health. One of their products is a dairy feed supplement used to increase the milk production and prevent milk fever. By optimizing the feed intake of your dairy cows, you give them the necessary nutrients to increase their milk production. But which products are available if you want to reach this effect?

KatAn® improves the health of your dairy cows while calving

Kimtec International has developed the KatAn®-product line. These supplements are especially developed to increase the milk production in dairy cows. Its main goal is to keep your cows in good health after calving. By providing them with the right amount of nutrients, calcium deficiency and ketosis are prevented. Calcium deficiency mainly occurs in older dairy cows whose bones do not produce enough calcium while calving. This does not only have a negative effect on the milk production of your cows, but there is also an increase in possible death. KatAn® consists of anionic salts and ProGlyc®, known supplements to prevent milk fever and calcium deficits.

Request more information about the possibilities when contacting these experts

If you want to receive more information on the requirements to increase milk production in your dairy cows, do not hesitate to contact the experts of Kimtec International. They are more than happy to discuss your situation and personal preferences when it comes to the different state-of-the-art supplements. If needed, the supplements are customized to specifically fit your goals. Contact information can be found on their website. You can give them a call or send an email with your specific request concerning supplements to increase milk production in your dairy cows.