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Nanoparticle research and advice

Do you use nanoparticles in the development of industrial products? Do you get stuck in the process due to certain characteristics of the particles? Then you can contact Solids Solutions for advice and a suitable solution to the problem. We have been testing nanoparticles for years and we also work on powders, so that these can be applied in the right way in various products in the industry. In our laboratory in Delft, we have everything necessary to extensively investigate the properties of particles and powders.

BET surface analysis

The BET surface area of a substance can be determined by means of a BET surface analysis of nanoparticles. This method uses an inert gas that is adsorbed onto the surface of a solid. Nitrogen is often used for this purpose, but in certain cases other gases are required to achieve the desired result. In the case of zeolites or activated carbon, for example, argon or carbon dioxide is used. For samples with a low specific surface area, krypton adsorption is needed. In addition to the BET surface area, the pore volume and pore size distribution can often be measured by physical gas adsorption.

Solids Solutions events

At Solids Solutions we like to share the knowledge we gain through research with other professionals in the industry. Therefore, we regularly organize events in the field of particle and powder technology. You can join us for seminars and presentations. In addition, our knowledge center offers various documents and publications with information about our research. You can request these to look into for yourself. Do you have production problems, blending issues or other challenges you are facing? Please contact us so that we can investigate where the problem lies and how it can be solved.