A Liebherr WTes 5972 Vinidor purchase means that you the possibility of a total of 211 bottles of wine to store. The bottles must be the size of a bordeaux bottle. Since the two separated compartments WTes 5972 has, you have to keep in mind with 68 bottles in the top compartment and 146 bottles in the bottom compartment. The wine Cabinet is made of stainless steel and has a brilliant design what for Liebherr a Reddot award. Vibration-freeThe WTes 5972 has a vibration-free compressor when the ripening process of your wines. Since you do not have a wine cellar, but a wine Cabinet, state this in an environment where people and traffic pass. These elements provide ambient vibrations. These vibrations through the legs on which the wine Cabinet, passed to the wines. These […]