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Creating perfect throughput has everything to do with the right placement

Running a warehouse is not always easy. There are many logistical challenges to be faced and the throughput of products is certainly one of the biggest factors. If the throughput in your warehouse is not running smoothly, you will notice that customers receive their products less quickly, they are less satisfied and this does not benefit the company’s profits. This is why it is absolutely essential to ensure that your products are in the right place in the warehouse and that the throughput is optimal.

Not the only one, but the most important
The arrangement is not the only important factor in the warehouse. Employing the right workers, good storage facilities and good equipment for moving things safely are also extremely important. However, the arrangement of items is the most important factor for throughput. Products that sell a lot must be easy to grab. That is why an arrangement using the ABC method is highly recommended. In this way, the products are stored logically and laid out in the warehouse according to their sales capacity. This has proven to be the most efficient way of organising the warehouse. 

The A products comprise 20% of your products and generate 80% of your turnover. These products are between hip and shoulder height and are easy to grab. The B products can be classified as 30% of your products and provide 15% of your turnover. It is best to place these at the bottom of the shelves so that you can still reach them relatively easily. The C products you will use the least often: 50% of the products provide only 5% of your turnover. It is best to place these at the top of the rack, as you do not need to access them often. 

Running out of space?
When you notice that you are really running out of space in your warehouse, moving is often the first option that comes to mind. However, in most cases this is not necessary at all. A warehouse building often has a high ceiling so a lot of space in the air is not used at all. By building a mezzanine floor, you create a whole extra floor which doubles the number of square metres.